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Mike left Italy at age 14. His parents moved to Montreal, Canada where most of his mother's family resided. After about two years, his family moved to Toronto for economic reasons.

Mike completed his university studies in both the U.S. and in Canada. His areas of specialization are Psychology, Education, Literature, History and Theology.

After having worked in the Psychology field for several years, Mike worked for an international organization in both Rome, Italy and Canada. To give his family more stability, Mike moved back to the Toronto area to teach and counsel at the high school level. For many years, he has also been a part-time instructor at Seneca College, in Toronto, Canada where he has been teaching various Psychology courses. Mike is still doing part-time private psychological counseling.

For years Mike has been running workshops on various topics before small and large audiences and has ran a volunteer group in the Toronto area. Mike has published two books and is the author of various educational web sites.


Domenic came to Canada at age 13 when his family moved to Toronto.

His love for music became evident since his teen years when he helped create the very successful Italian-Canadian band, "Continental Six."

While pursuing his dreams for musical success, he started working for a jewelry company. By age 19 he became manager over a department with 200 workers.  Within a few years, he was promoted to Assistant Director over the whole company. The company employed around 600 workers.

In 1986 he opened his own business, a jewelry store named "Vibo Jewellery." Unfortunately, his musical group came to an end not long after.

Domenic has also founded the musical production company named "Millennium Production.  The aim of this company was to help new talent and to create new songs.

Later he founded the company "Melodia Records," a distribution company for Italian music, which has become the number one distributor of Italian CD's and DVD's in North America.

Domenic is very active with the Capistrano community in Toronto. He helps organize various activities and is one of the organizing committee's Treasurers.

After many years, Domenic still loves music and finds jewelry work very gratifying,  but sharing his love for his Calabria remains a major passion as well.