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Whenever I can return to my beloved Capistrano, after seeing friends and family, I faithfully go to visit  a place outside of town where my heart sinks into deep sadness.  Up to thirty or so years ago, as one approached Capistrano from the town of San Nicola,  one could stop and look down the deep valley and see one of the most beautiful locations in Calabria.

From that location one could admire gigantic cliffs made of sand that had been under the sea for millions of years. Most of all, they had been carved by time into a stunning natural wonder -- almost as if the Almighty Himself had stopped to show His great skills.

That place is no more. A company has been given the right to carve as much sand out of the area as possible and the result has been catastrophic. The unforgettable wonder I used to go and stare at has vanished and what is left is nothing but a formless, yellow scar.

This page is my attempt to keep alive the memory of this location, to share its amazing beauty that is no more and to make us all consider what happens to our environment when financial gain supercedes the respect we owe to our environment.

Mike Caputo


This is the magical scene you saw thirty or more years ago.


It looked like a scene from Arizona


Or Yosemite, in California.


The cliffs were tall and proud.



Climbing up the steep sandy slopes was exhilarating.



This picture was taken from less than half way up the slope.  Look closely at the base of the slope and you'll see a man. Imagine the size of the boulder.



These cliffs were chiseled by the wind and the rain for thousands of years.


It was an unforgettable scene.


The place was picture-perfect.


It looked, in places, like scenes from pre-history.


...or like a world of mystery.


The scar is so large, one can see it vividly from space with "Google Earth."

See below.

Let's learn for the past...

Let's protect our planet!