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( By, Pino La Serra, 2010)



Nicastrello is a ghost town situated in valley adjacent to Capistrano. For centuries it was a prosperous centre with probably around five hundred inhabitants who survived thanks an abundance of olive groves. The past one hundred years the town gradually diminished in numbers. It's people emigrated to various areas of the world and to nearby towns, such as Capistrano. Several Capistranesi have ancestors who originate in this lovely village. The last inhabitant, Mastro Nicola, moved to Capistrano in the seventies and the town has been deserted ever since. The only structure that is in relatively fine shape is the church.  The pictures take you on a tour through the ghost town as it looks today. The pictures have been contributed by Pino La Serra.




Nicastrello di Capistrano




The Church




The Church's Interior








A chair tells a story




Small Square



Remains of villa




Detail of the Governor's house




Nearby river




Ihe old and the new.




The house of Mastro Nicola, the last resident




Traces of the past




The present is no more




Nearby cliffs




Nature is violated




Pino La Serra remembers the beauty of the cliffs now gone.




Remains of the convent. Nearby runs the Angitola River




Remains of the Convent's walls




Barely noticeable details of the convent




Ihe convent: more details of its ruins




Pillars of the convent


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